Happy New You Year!!

A toasty warm welcome to 2018! Are your New Year’s Resolutions are on the boil? Transitioning to a vegan diet and lifestyle usually takes time and lots of little changes eventually add up to one big change and sometimes life just posts the answer through your door.

A tip off about HFW’s ‘Much More Veg’ arrived in my my electronic mailbox last week, channelled through my cool cousin Dave who is already fully vegan and a trained chef, someone who know his carrots from his parsnips. Surprisingly this book is not about side servings of veg to accompany with Hugh’s passion all things meaty nor is it truthfully a sequel to his vegetarian forays. It is, intentionally, a bible for the gastronomically challenged offering nutritionally balanced meals devoid not only of the sins of dairy and honey but the wheaty gluteny demons of noodles, bread and pasta. Of course there are instructions for the ubiquitous carrot hummus and roasted cauliflower but there are some truly fascinating recipes for ‘Lunchtime Rooty Bircher’ with celeriac and almonds, ‘Red Cabbage and Cashew Biryani’, ‘Parsnip, Sprout and Chestnut Hotpot with Cider’ – more than enough to screw some money out of your purse in the penurious weeks of January.

My NYR is to work my way through this book page by page, gaining more vegan expertise whilst losing weight and lowering my cholesterol. A new me could emerge by this time next year – a new you too if you care to treat yourself to a copy?




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