“The best meat substitute ever invented!” Linda McCartney’s Shredded Duck

Well that’s the opinion of my youngest son and I’m won’t argue. Straight from the freezer he stir fried the impressively duck-like shreds whilst I warmed some chinese pancakes in the steamer (actually a metal colander on top of a saucepan), batoned a cucumber (no spring onions in the fridge alas) and took the lid off a bottle of hoisin sauce.


Five minutes later our fake-duck pancakes were ready and I swear to god that apart from those gristly bits of  real duck that stick between your teeth, even to us die-hard Peking groupies these offerings were indistinguishable from the real thing and we demolished the lot. Unfortunately, I had only bought one packet in case of disappointment and ended up disappointed that we had run out.

Utterly delicious.

Nibblet score 5/5

Waitrose sell the pancakes and they freeze really well – or you can buy them on Amazon and get them delivered









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