Vegan Cakes with SisterBakes!

Vegan baking like vegan cheese is an oxymoron for omnivores.  No eggs? NO BUTTER?? Black bean brownies and ground flax seed egg substitutes are seriously weird but some people really do manage to come up with creations that leave your version of reality relatively intact. I am delighted therefore to plug my friends Debbie and Emma aka ‘SisterBakes’  who were 2016 National Cupcake Championship finalists with their vegan chocolate and chilli cupcake.

Although not vegan converts themselves they are champions of the dairy-free herd with gorgeous products like the Strawberry and Mint sponge above.

Check out more recipes in their 2015 posts  at  

How about ordering your wedding cake?!?



PS I WILL get round to publishing the veganised pear tart I mentioned last time, honest!😘


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