GRAZE – Veggie Protein Snack

Riding on the back of my last post, this tasty but not cheap (£1.30) pack of 131kcal and 6g protein is suitable for vegans if you ignore the ethical considerations of palm oil. For comparison, 100g of this mix contains 25 g of protein which is about the same as tofu or steak, so they’re not lying. However it’s cheaper, more convenient and ecologically sound to make your own – not by laboriously slow-roasting pulses but by grabbing packets of roasted cashews, wasabi peas and that delicious Spanish snack of roasted broad beans – Habas Fritas. Mix them up in a tupperware container, suffocate with freshly ground black pepper and hey presto, your high protein vegan snack with less calories and at least 20p cheaper than Graze. Equally good post-workout or slumped on the sofa with a large glass of wine.


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