Taste Test 3 Vegusto’s ‘Melting Cheese’ Toastie

Ahhh the definitive tests of vegan cheez for any Goat – does it make a decent Toastie and can it ever, ever replace the sensual scrumptiousness of melted Camembert?

Well let’s start with The Toastie Challenge because to be honest. if this bombs I’m chucking the rest of it in the bin. Welcome to the starkly unattractive main ingredient –

Raw material1

– which can be either sliced or grated. The manufacturer suggests a few minutes in the freezer will firm it up. Wish me luck because I love my cheese……

Take two slices of plain white bread  – organic is good but we’re talking pre-election austerity here – and spread one side of each with vegan margarine (think sunflower, it sounds more attractive). Lay one slice greased side down on a plate. Spread the upper side thickly with horseradish sauce or whatever takes your fancy but I don’t want to know if it’s ketchup. Unpeel the cheese sausage and cut half a dozen slices, about half a centimetre thick. Arrange on top of the sauce……

cheez sandwich prep1

Not looking great is it but bear with me. Scatter with variations of your choice eg sliced gherkins, tomato, chopped herbs and then cover with the UNGREASED side of the second slice of bread. Press down evenly and firmly.

Heat a frying pan with a swirl of sunflower oil (not olive oil as this doesn’t fry or taste well in this context) and when you can feel a good heat from a 2 inch distance on the palm of your hand, transplant the sandwich into the pan. Cook for a good 2-3 minutes, pressing down occasionally until it doesn’t stick when you try to lift it with a fish slice. Check to see that it’s golden brown rather than  burned and if satisfied, flip the whole thing over and repeat the process for the other side.

Remove from pan when both sides are a pleasing shade of brown and the cheez is melting in the middle. Cut on the diagonal, cool for a few minutes then tuck in.

Honestly, you can only tell it’s cheez rather than cheddar because you made it. It oozes well and I’ve just put in a repeat order because if it saves the planet and tastes this good, I’ll do my bit.

Niiblets acore 4

Check out Vegusto’s FULL range here – vegusto


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