Taste Trial 1 – Vegusto’s Mushroom (and wheat) burger

Uninspiring though they look these dudes smell pleasantly peppery when released from bondage.

Mushroom burgers

Made mostly from wheat they are not for the glutenly-challenged and there is a small amount of ubiquitous coconut oil in the mix but no taste of it. They also contain nuts but as a true blue goat this doesn’t threaten my personal digestive passage but it might yours. Lots of protein  too – 5.76g per 25g of lean steak and these have 6.22per 25g- result!

Mushroom burger nutrition

A 5 minute fry in a hot pan was all they needed along with a rather unexpectedly large top up of oil mid-fry. Crispy on the outside and a lot less mushy than a budget burger on the inside, it was impossible to tell once bundled up in the attempt-at-healthy-eating bun with all the trimmings, that they weren’t the real deal. Even my cousin’s kids who are pretty discerning carnivores could be fooled by these, especially if they were slapped on a plate and slathered in beans and ketchup.

So, thumbs up Vegusto, I would order these again!

Nibblets score : 4 (Good Enough To Tempt You To The Green Side)

Try them yourself – Vegan Vegetarian Mushroom and Dairy Free Cheese Burgers (4×2)


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